The Official Duckman RPG – System Mastery 40

System Mastery 40 - Duckman RPG

System Mastery 40 – Duckman

He’s just one more duck detective, that works with a pig, lives with the twin sister of his dead wife, three sons on two bodies, and a mother-in-law with so much gas, she’s a fire hazard.  This week System Mastery is overjoyed to present The Official Duckman RPG, a mixed bag of failure, liquor, nymphos, 90s topical humor, failure again, the American dream, and hijinks.  We hope this doesn’t sound grandiose, but tonight we begin our pre-ordained ascent towards the global adulation we so richly deserve.

Let us know what you thought of Duckman in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

Editor’s note:  April Fools!  There was no Duckman RPG as of this podcast, and there still shouldn’t be.  However, despite all common sense and advice from our friends, family, and legal counsel, there is a Duckman RPG now.  Here, it’s free, take it:  Duckman RPG

12 responses to “The Official Duckman RPG – System Mastery 40

  1. This system, with a little work, seems like it’d be good for any kind of screwball black comedy where its characters are constantly at odds with each other.

    I’m thinking “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: the RPG!”

  2. There’s a Duckman RPG. Gentlemen, you may consider my mind to be boggled.

    That actually sounds like a pretty good system; I wonder how well it would work for Paranoia, which in my opinion is a game that has never had mechanics that actually live up to the premise.

    It sounds like the XP isn’t just a sacred cow, but is also there because when 90% of what your character attempts ends in failure, you need to have some other kind of reward mechanism in play besides character success. Otherwise the game would get depressing. Maybe it would work better if you did something Fiasco-like, where at the end of the session, whichever character has the most XP ends up succeeding despite the odds?

    Honestly, I kind of want to play this game.

  3. Just a clarification on the “Stoner Logic” mechanic – the dice only say the same thing if your total was already seven, any other number would change. For example, a 3 becomes 11 (1,2 -> 6,5) or a 6 becomes 8 (1,5 -> 6,2; 2,4 -> 5,3; 3,3 -> 4,4). The result may be better or worse than the original, but this still seems in-concept to me.

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  5. I want you to know this podcast is still tricking people to this day.

    Bastards :P

      • I discovered your podcast not too long ago and I’ve been listening through from the beginning. Just got totally fooled by Duckman this morning on my way to work.

    • Yeah I saw the “Just jokes, system mastery” on the list and I still didn’t get that it was an April Fool’s joke. Listening to the afterhour thing now which spilled the beans

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  7. Man, it’s a good thing you only read the core book… if this had gone into the Advanced Ducks and Detectives splatbook where they added the ability to buy merits and flaws, even if they actually made rival interesting by making it be one of the other players and giving them an extra neg any time they could target you.

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