Listener Mail – Afterthought 2

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Listener Mail – Afterthought 2

In this no-doubt infuriating installment, we answer a ton of listener questions, but also discuss James (the band), our secret alter egos, and give tantalizing glimpses of a wonderful food product we’ve invented but are not quite ready to unveil to the public (the notoriously delicious Cheese Dude).  As always you can send us your questions or book recommendations at, or tweet questions to us at #systemmastery.

Editor’s note:  We recorded this a day before The AV Club dropped a huge article about James.  Must be something in the water.

3 responses to “Listener Mail – Afterthought 2

  1. I have to agree. The drain system, which Shadowrun uses to limit spellcasting, strikes a good balance between letting wizards cast basic spells (light drain) whenever they feel like, while also letting them know some big spells (deadly drain) that are only for absolute emergencies.

  2. Monsterhearts is the best game I have absolutely no interest in playing. It is brilliantly designed, but the style is so opposed to what I enjoy, I know I will never play it. I am very glad it exists however, because there are people who will enjoy it because of what it is. There are other games like Hillfolk, Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Empires, even WoD; that I also have no interest in but I respect them for being liked by the people who enjoy playing them.

  3. Are there birds chirping outside my LA apartment window?! No, just the podcast. Is my phone vibrating?! No, just the podcast.

    Seriously though, thanks for spreading some positive stuff in this toxic ass hobby of ours. I’m a white(ish) guy in my 30s, and I will pretty much play anything that’s not too heavy on the rules. A game where we’re all gay vampire werewolves? Sounds great, I’d love to try it. The only thing that matters on a game is that the gamer group is fun and we’re all having a good time. Also, that no one is a racist, homophobic, dick head.

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