Dungeons & Dragons – System Mastery 36

D&D Movie small

System Mastery  36 – Dungeons & Dragons

We take a much needed break from endless reading of defunct gaming manuals, but that doesn’t mean we don’t seek to entertain!  This week, System Mastery brings you fresh coverage of the 2001 hit film, Dungeons & Dragons.  It has a Wayans, and a Riff-Raff, and more!  This film might be extremely terrible written, but at least it also has horrible visuals and unappealing acting!

Let us know what you thought of Dungeons & Dragons in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover, or some gaming film we should watch?  Let us know about that too.

Special thanks to our new friend Grant at Saving the Game, for sending us our next big project.  Check out his podcast when you’re all done here.

8 responses to “Dungeons & Dragons – System Mastery 36

  1. Is this the good one or the bad one? Ah, man, this is the bad one.

    Not even Marlon Wayans being a PC-accurate thief can save this.

    • Isn’t that game still in print? Or I suppose they may have only had the one printing.

      The pretense that it must be out-of-print is what holds me off from suggesting Double Cross. Having recently read it, I would want to inflict that amount of suffering on others.

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