Maid – System Mastery 33


SystemMastery 33 – Maid

This week, we’re joined in studio (my living room) by a guest host!  Our friend Claire joins us because we just didn’t feel comfortable tackling this sexist minefield without her.  It’s Maid!  The RPG where you wear a frilly sex uniform and tee-hee your way through a day of almost-charming almost-sex that is almost always almost-rape.

Let us know what you thought of Maid in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.  If you really love us, show your support over on our Patreon page and help us keep the mics hot.

15 responses to “Maid – System Mastery 33

  1. The Tiger Bikini thing is a reference to Lum, one of Rumiko Takahashi’s (Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha) romantic comedy manga.

    How do you know the Protein Brothers and Urutsukodoji and La Blue Girl are but not freaking Lum? Even I know Lum, come on.

    What kind of anime have you been watching?

    I was really surprised at how pervy this game was when I actually read it, because a lot of people who are normally against stuff like this give this game a pass for some reason.

    It honestly seems like you could strip the complete perversity out of this and it would be a pretty good system for, say, Paranoia.

    • We try to stick to the silly rules we invented on day 1 with this podcast, which means no research of any kind found outside the book. Speaking for myself, I know Cho Aniki because I played a bunch of weird Famicom titles back in the heyday of emulators, and I know Urotsuki Doji because everyone’s been to a slumber party where one guy brings a weird video he stole from his college age brother. We also couldn’t remember Tenchi Muyo.

      Apparently, there is a game that the writer of this has developed that is similar and non-pervy, I think it has something to do with playing as store clerks. Retail Magic I believe is the title. Not in our purview, it’s still in beta. He also wrote Golden Sky Stories, which is a way, way less skeevy game, and is diceless to boot. You play like traditional japanese folklore creatures, but all cutesified.

      • I had no idea Golden Sky Stories was written by the same guy !

        Golden Sky Stories has been on my list to get, because I’m into less violent/non-violent RPGs right now.

        BTW, I may have mentioned this before, but I’d love to hear you guys’ take on SLA Industries.

    • Just to clarify, Lum is the female protagonist of Urusei Yatsura, which I’ve never watched or read before.

      And the classic show you were thinking of was probably just Tenchi Muyo! (which, for the record, wasn’t nearly as bad as this game would suggest).

      • Yeah, like i was saying, the problem with Tenchi Muyo isn’t that it’s about pervert maids, but rather A) The main character is a whiny milquetoast bore with no interests, and B) They’ve remade it a billion times but always seem to repeat the same boring character-stereotype based jokes.

  2. I played Maid once before and enjoyed it, though to be fair we stayed a significant distance away from the skeevy bits. (We didn’t even look at the play examples, really.) Considering what I didn’t realize was there…I can understand the comment about translating-while-drinking-heavily.

    As for future games to review, I’d suggest the Twilight Imperium RPG.

  3. Listened to the podcast last night and, one of the ref, the Cyber-Eye Of Vecna, isn’t just a D&D reference, but the whole description is the capabilities of the “Midnight Eye” from Buichi Terasawa’s Midnight Eye Goku.

    But, holy Christ, those examples of play were creepy.

  4. I’m almost afraid to ask it, but have y’all considered doing a full-on FATAL episode? That shit is bananas, and not delicious like bananas, but uncomfortable like d100 bananas being stuffed into places you really don’t want even one banana.

    I understand if you just straight-up don’t want to do it. It’s the Worst Thing and not even in a fun way.

    • The problem with doing a FATAL episode is it would just be an hour of uncomfortably repeating “So…. uhh…. yeah. FATAL. Yup.”

    • “That shit is bananas, and not delicious like bananas, but uncomfortable like d100 bananas being stuffed into places you really don’t want even one banana.”

      Stealing the everloving Christ out of this.

    • We’ve discussed FATAL a few times. It’s a known entity. I think we both just know that anything we’d say about it has been said. Not to mention one of the big joys of FATAL (I know, bear with me) is the art, because whenever you’re looking at that “scrape a Polaroid and photocopy it” version of the author’s greasy metalhead friend holding a fake axe, at least you’re not reading about anal diameter circumference maximums.

  5. Ahhhh you finally review one of my favourite garbage games

    You need to come in with the mindset that yes you are garbage and thats why you enjoy this, its so tropey and tropes are fun, revel in the familiar stupid anime tropes

    Its like the tv tropes page for anime had a game

  6. Also, the tables, all the tables for random adventures you would ever need, did a demon get found under the house? Are you being attacked by kaiju? Robots try to kill the humans?

    Its still a trash game but you can always have a different trash anime adventure :D

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