Darkurthe: Legends – System Mastery 32

Darkurthe Legends

SystemMastery 32 – Darkurthe: Legends

The least requested game of all time comes to System Mastery!  We discuss Darkurthe, a world of isolated city-states, deep racial convinctions, and clans, guilds, cults, and freeholds.  Play as humans, elves, dwarves, gross elves, mean dwarves, and anguls.  Check out a great spell system that is 100% spell creation!  I’m hyping this way more than it’s worth!

10 responses to “Darkurthe: Legends – System Mastery 32

  1. I don’t know if Andy Hopp’s Low Life is out of print yet, but there have been two or three revisions of the Savage Worlds generic core rules since it came out in 2005. It has a setting that strobes rapidly between clever in a clever way and clever in a really stupid way and the book looks really neat. If you can find a copy you’d have a lot to talk about.

    • … and that isn’t a non-sequitur because that was when they were approaching Single Book System levels of content crammed into the Savage Worlds setting books.

  2. Also, on the off-chance that you want to review a game that your audience can go out and pick up from any used rack for cheap, have you considered Fantasy Imperium? It seems like every nerd store in San Diego has at least a couple of copies.

  3. Regarding the “why would you worship an Evil god when you KNOW it will land you in Hell?” question, one possibility (as expressed in the game “Great Ork Gods” http://www.greatorkgods.co.uk/) is that you know they are evil, but they will make your life awful if you don’t grovel to them. It still sounds like a Lose-Lose situation, but an Evil god might deal in degrees of misery.
    This doesn’t excuse the messed-up metaphysics of this game, just offers a possible answer to the above question.

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  5. As bizarre as this sounds, it is thanks to this episode that I finally figured out what the shape of the Cap’n Crunch cereal pieces that aren’t crunchberries are supposed to represent. Epaulets (the shoulder things on some military uniforms). If you hadn’t asked that question on this episode, I never would have realized the answer.

  6. A friend loaned this book to me before he flaked out on drugs and alcohol. He never asked for it back. I have pretty much the same feelings about it, but I’d love to try to run it along with some of these other old games just for kicks! Like get a group of like minded folks to take turns running them. I realize this may be a terrible idea.

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