Horrortoberfest Day 24 – Hood of Horror (2006)


This movie is what happens when you take Tales from the Hood and replace Spike Lee with Snoop Dogg. This movie follows three different stories while loosely having a thread of Snoop Dogg tying the whole thing together. Snoop plays almost a grim reaper type character that collects souls that are going to Hell. There are three stories in this horror anthology; a tagger that is given the ability to kill, a redneck couple that pushes some Vietnam vets to the limit, and a rapper that has his past come back to haunt him.

It’s amusing to me that I spent a paragraph on each story yesterday for Tales from the Hood and yet with Hood of Horror, the summary sentence pretty much does it justice. There is one fewer story with this movie but way less is done with the extra time devoted to it. It did seem that it was going for a much more Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow vibe with how it was shot but the movie doesn’t manage to reach the same level of campy charm that either of those do. It also doesn’t really end up having much of a moral to any of the stories aside from maybe “don’t be cartoonishly evil” and it doesn’t even particularly address any actual issues that one might find in the hood.

The first story follows Posie, a tagger that we are led to believe is an artist though we never see her do any art. Hell, we never actually see her tag anything. She gets the ability to kill people by crossing out their name with spray paint. So not even something cool like “she creates a mural showing someone die and then they die that way” just painting an “X” and then they die somehow. This one had at least some potential but realized basically none of it. The guy that gives her the power is then angry that she didn’t end up doing more art and all I can think “You give her the power to kill, tell her to clean up the streets, and then get pissed when she does exactly that instead of painting a picture?” Seriously stupid.

The second story is basically every stereotype of rich white people rolled into one couple that have to live with some black Vietnam veterans in order to get an inheritance. They end up killing a nurse for literally no reason and are essentially just caricatures. The vets, who have up until the end been shown as actual good and reasonable people, then torture and kill the two of them in the most gruesome way possible. Definitely the weakest of the stories as even the “good guys” end up being horrible and it isn’t even a thing that’s relevant to anyone. At least tagging or rap has something to do with problems someone in a low income area might relate to. I don’t think anyone ends up having to share their house with redneck stereotypes.

The last and definitely the best of the stories is about Sod, a rapper that makes it big at the expensive of his partner. This one actually ends up dealing with a couple different things such as the odd mix of the rap lifestyle and yet still thanking God. Sod ends up praying at the start about how he would be a role model if he just got popular and yet throws that away the second money comes in. Which leads to the other thing it talks about which is the making of money vs. the making of music. When do you let the life become more important than what got you there in the first place? I assume this one actually seemed to have some thought behind it because of Snoop Dogg and his familiarity with that culture.

In all, it’s a fairly disappointing movie. There’s a lot of random weird animated things like the intro and the in-between segments which are very anime looking. There are a whole lot of actual recognizable celebrities but nobody really seems to be bringing their acting A-game outside of possibly Ernie Hudson. Nothing seems to flow well and even the best of the stories end up falling short of what they could have been. In all, I’d give this a 2 out of 5. It’s amusing enough to watch but there really isn’t any sort of substance to it or reason to watch it over any of the other, much better, horror anthologies.

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