Episode 4 – Prime Directive: The Star Fleet Universe RPG

Prime Directive

This episode goes out to Dan, the only person we know of who ever played this game.  We have to assume he hated it as much as we did.  We’re discussing, Prime Directive, the Star Fleet Universe RPG.  Come along and learn about everything from Toltec Space Lizards to Glowing Maori.  Just be careful not to say Star Trek.  No amount of this game is Star Trek.

6 responses to “Episode 4 – Prime Directive: The Star Fleet Universe RPG

  1. From what I recall, 1993 was when AD&D was still at its peak. Their famous Planescape setting wasn’t even released until 1994.

    Third edition came out much closer to 2000.

  2. Is there a reason why I have to download it to listen to it? I mean, I can still listen to it, it’s just less convenient to share.

      • Ah, well, if it’s not a glitch in the site that’s cool. Just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just a goof caused by your webmasters or domain hosts or whoever switching playback types or some other bullshit without telling you. Keep up the good work guys and keep watching the DM Pizza.

  3. Kzinti are a larry niven creation he also wrote that episode of star trek the animated series titled The Slaver Weapon and ringworld

  4. Maybe I’m a bit more of a vintage Trekkie, but I’ve got a certain fondness for this game. I thought it was a clever way to do “They all beam down to the Planet of Vague Historical References” without sending the captain of the ship down to said planet (which never made sense). And while you mention notions about the system’s lethality, I’m surprised that you didn’t notice that one of the sample characters has so many hit points (LDC in this game’s parlance) that he can survive a hit from the deadliest weapon in the game. Just once, but he can do it.

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