Tales from the Floating Vagabond Update


So the creator of Tales from the Floating Vagabond, Lee Garvin, let us know about a little mix up in the print of the edition we have. Oops! Points, basically your HP in the game, is actually Strength + Luck + 2d6 and not Strength+Luck/2. Definitely makes the game way less deadly. He’s working on a new edition and has a Kickstarter up for it. Only 30 hours left on this one but definitely check it out. The original is a great read and this looks to be just as ridiculous as the first edition.

One response to “Tales from the Floating Vagabond Update

  1. We’re supporing the Kickstarter and when the game drops you’ll likely hear us do a new episode on it. We’ll commemorate the setting and do that episode somewhere between Tipsy and Blotto.

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