Hello!  We are Jon and Jef, the hosts of a fresh new podcast, System Mastery.  We aim to dig deep in the used shelves and bargain bins of gaming stores across the country and bring you up-to-the-minute reviews of long-dead roleplaying games.  We’ll try to figure out why these games never made it, discussing their rules, their play, and if there’s cause to breathe life into these forgotten gems.  Well, some of them are gems.  Presumably.

We’ll be kicking our show off with a look at a game that thankfully remains in print, thus violating on our very first podcast our only rule of the podcast.  Whatever, we were new and inexperienced.  Join us soon (once I figure out how to post it) and roll to see where the energy expulsion touched you in our discussion of the Palladium Games classic, Heroes Unlimited.

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