System Mastery 245 – Katanas & Trenchcoats

Katanas and Trenchcoats S
System Mastery 244 – Teenagers from Outer Space

Night falls on Darkest Vancouver. Will you be ready to draw your coolest anime sword and battle the eternal dancefight against the other forever-walkers like yourself? Today’s episode is a comedy game that sort of uses Highlander rules to make fun of White Wolf. It’s neat!

Announcement Mastery!

Solo But Not Alone 3 – The awesome charity project by Peach Garden Games in support of Jasper’s Game Day is returning bigger and better than ever, offering a bundle of 148 brand new solo RPGs for you to play all for the low donation floor of only $10 (but you can and should give more!)  Help prevent suicide in the games community and get yourself some amazing games in the process?  What an amazing deal!




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