System Mastery 237 – Alien

Alien S

As we draw this festive Ween to a close, we continue the project of a brief examination of newer space horror (Yes, that last game was a heist thing, but c’mon, you were working for the literal Devil, right?  That counts!), this time with the most recent offering in the Alien franchise, a comprehensive and enormous RPG with a lot of modern design sensibilities and a commitment to getting every bit of the fairly sprawled franchise some inclusion (except Resurrection, apparently no one likes it).

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3 responses to “System Mastery 237 – Alien

  1. Fun fact: This RPG actually draws from even more material in the Alien universe than what you guys pointed out. The book includes a bunch of references to, and concepts pulled from, the Dark Horse comic book series published between Aliens and Alien3, a sidebar mentions the concept of “prodreaming” from the Alan Dean Foster novelization of the original film and, in perhaps some of the deepest cuts of them all, the Union of Progressive Peoples and a bunch of other worldbuilding concepts were taken from an early, unused script for Alien3 written by William Gibson.

    • The UPP and the other political factions of the Aliens universe were introduced in that unused Alien 3 script by William Gibson, but the franchise seems to have taken the idea and run with it in the tie-ins, as they’re also mentioned in the recent “Aliens: Fireteam Elite” video game.

  2. Most skills in an rpg: My own houseruled GURPS has 814 skills, not counting specializations. This number doesn’t include Imbuement skills (126) or wildcard skills (130ish). Come at me, bro. :-)

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