System Mastery 234 – Apocalypse World

Apoc World S

Wait, from Psi World to Apocalypse World?  Two worlds?  One network family?  Oh right, I should probably mention that because we both have been down for a bit with the old Covid-19, James stepped in to help record this one, which turned out useful because Jef was just plain too sick all the past couple weeks to even read.  But he got better!  And he came to join the fun anyway!  Just, you know, without reading any of the book at all.

Special thanks to our guest host James D’Amato, check out his fine works at some weird place we never heard one called

Double special thanks to our Announcement Mastery sponsor, a great place to watch non-WOTC streamed tabletop actual play content!




2 responses to “System Mastery 234 – Apocalypse World

  1. I think the “everyone does sex with each other to exploit their sex moves for MAXIMUM BONUS” bit is fallacious.

    Having sex with someone is NOT particularly quick (even if it’s only seconds of effort, thieves and assassins can exploit that), requires taking off some amount of clothing (what about armour?), distracts the participants (especially if you rule that sex moves REQUIRE orgasm for all participants), probably requires privacy and/or arousal (not automatic), and it can be messy. And that is not going into STDs and pregnancy.

    That’s why player characters constantly having sex with each other is a trump card tactic. It’s not just walking the bases, so to speak.

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