System Mastery 226 – Star Munchkin

Star Munchkin S

Uh oh, someone better stop us before we get to level 10.  It’s Star Munchkin, the RPG!  Did you know there were RPGs of these games?  You should have guessed.  Munchkin has the same marketing team as KISS.  It’s obviously a comedy game, secretly (seriously, it’s amazing how hard they work to hide it) an OGL game, and generally all about space.



3 responses to “System Mastery 226 – Star Munchkin

  1. I’m pretty sure munchkin is one of the few things keeping SJG around to a degree in the modern day so I guess as long as I can keep getting some generally alright pdf splatbooks for GURPS 4e that are occasionally passed with pale, shaking hands out of the pitch black dungeon SJG must keep the remaining GURPS team in I guess I’m happy enough to tolerate the weird goblin man in the corner that is the Munchkin games.

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