System Mastery 225 – Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest

Marvel Multiverse

Reviewing a playtest?  That doesn’t seem right!  Well, it certainly isn’t in our usual bag of tricks, but hey, this is a rare situation where someone writing a modern game ASKED for our opinion (sort of, they asked for opinions in general) and we can be constructive and nice!  Will we?  Maybe!  Also this is our THIRD review of a Marvel game (with a fourth on the horizon) and so you’ll just have to forgive us not putting a bunch of Excelsiors and No-Prizes and stuff in the writeup.  Except shoot we just did.

Last thing.  We didn’t mention one thing during the review that we both wanted to, which is that the game has a rule stating that you never accidentally kill anyone, you can always choose to knock them out instead.  This is progressive and laudable, but has the funny side effect of turning all the game’s sermons about how “real Marvel heroes would never use guns” into an even sillier thing to bother with.



One response to “System Mastery 225 – Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest

  1. Jesus christ this sounds like the publishers just took whatever most up-to-date prototype of the game was available from the developers’ internal files and slapped it onto a playtest template. “Playtest” usually makes me think like late beta-test versions of games but this sounds like it only *just* got out of pre-alpha into alpha proper. Fookin’ raw, put it back in the oven, let your developers actually get shit done without showing their work-inprogress for all to see.

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