System Mastery 215 – Blue Rose

Blue Rose S

Let’s dispense with the obvious question first.  This is the OGL version.  Now before that gets too depressing, note that this is one of the most modified OGL games we’ve come across, going so far as to do that one thing everyone always says you should do with D&D stats (not get rid of them, the other thing).  It’s got some good ideas!  But do we like it?  Well, let’s find out.  You know, again.

Announcement Mastery!

Roar to Heaven is an anime inspired sci-fi AP podcast where the heroes fight an invading angel army with battlesuits powered by music!  They’re currently kickstarting to pay their staff and cast, and your support will help!  Plus also definitely listen to their cool show.  Links to follow:
Show Page:
Kickstarter Link: Link for Those With Understandable Kickstarter Concerns:



2 responses to “System Mastery 215 – Blue Rose

  1. Green Ronin later turned the OGL fork used for this into the more generic True20, which in turn informed Mutants & Masterminds.

    Sadly, the latter has no official deer-themed hero.

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