System Mastery 212 – Outbreak: Undead

Outbreak S

Okay so maybe it’s November, and maybe we forgot when October started this year, but that won’t stop us from delivering our yearly load of horror ween stuff!  Here’s Outbreak Undead.  It’s 460 pages long and is a fairly generic zombie horror survival type thing. 

Announcement Mastery

Looking for game and fantasy editing?  Or just need a short form RPG or adventure in a variety of genres?  Go support, today’s Announcement Mastery Sponsor.  Jordan is a multi-published editor with a proven track record and a desire to work on your RPG (while designing his own!)


2 responses to “System Mastery 212 – Outbreak: Undead

  1. I played this game at a zombie convention in 2015, a zombie horse smashed into the house we were guarding and killed everyone

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