System Mastery 211 – All Flesh Must Be Eaten


Behold our triumph, the ZombieWeen!  It’s alive!  Well, sort of alive.  This ‘Ween around we’ll be focusing on zombie RPGs, investigating games about surviving short infestations and full-blown apocalypses.  This time, it’s All Flesh Must Be Eaten, which means it’s also our first time talking about the Unisystem Engine in eight years.  Should all flesh must be eaten?  Should all zombies be in your head?  In your head?  Zombie (Ween).

Announcement Mastery

Crimson Gold Agonies!
in the world of 197X, superheroes fight against the two imperial powers; they are champions of the Third World and heralds of an alternative path for democracy and socialism — the Heroes of the Cybernetic International!

Check out this new AP and a whole completed series of additional AP podcasting that rotates games as needed to tell the best story possible with the Crimson Gold Agonies actual Play!

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Games Used on CGA: L5R | Sentinel Comics RPG | Pasión de la Pasiones | Yokai Hunter | Flying Circus | Night Reign

Available today on DrivethruRPG:

How and why the world as we know it came to be changed forever has long been forgotten.

It’s been hundreds – maybe even thousands – of years since anyone even spoke of the Cataclysm or the time that came before, and the memories of that world that once was, faded into dust.

To the people inhabiting the world of Eventide, this isn’t a post-cataclysmic world, it’s just the world that is. And the world that always was, as far back as anyone living in it can remember.

– From Frenzy Kitty Games, the studio that brought you KARMA, Something Wicked, and Children of the  Fall comes EVENTIDE, a game of apocalyptic survival horror in the wasteland.

This lavishly illustrated book contains everything you need to play, including:
  • Fast and dynamic rules for roleplaying in the apocalypse
  • Robust classless character-creation
  • Optional Tribe Creation rules for group play
  • Full campaign setting including many detailed settlements and NPCs
  • Dozens of inspiring adventure seeds
  • 17 Tribes complete with unique beliefs, structures, affiliations, and NPCs
  • A bestiary containing 35 ruthless and terrifying enemies
  • Hardcore Mode: rules variants for brave players in search of a brutal challenge.
  • Lone Wanderer: Solitaire rules for solo adventures in the wastelands
  • Apocalypse Toolkit: Tools and generators to assist GMs in running their games dynamically


One response to “System Mastery 211 – All Flesh Must Be Eaten

  1. A note for the rest of All Flesh Must be Eaten and those interested in it:

    I know that they only reviewed the corebook (and I’m not judging them based on knowledge not core), but there is so much more to this game outside of it. The sourcebooks add the ability to play as intelligent zombies using specialized creation rules, new setting and powers for use in games, and so much more zombie kits and abilities to customize your walking dead experience.

    Plus, All Flesh Must be Eaten technically doesn’t have to be a zombie game as the zombie templates and abilities are customizable enough that you can create your own creatures and enemies that your PC’s can face.

    Lastly, most unisystem books are compatible, so you may add in Witchcraft or Armageddon if you so choose (though I’m sad that Eden Studios went under before they could develop those games more).

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