Expounded Universe Special Edition – The Road to Sham-Bone-La

Jon’s out of town but Jef and Claire are making content now?  And holy cow is this ever some content warning content.  Instead of trying to catch up on Witch’s Canyon, Claire provides some classic Supernatural fanfic as a springboard for a rousing discussion on fic, pairings, Wincest (that’s capitalized right) and a lot more.  We won’t blame you if you sit this one out but come on you know you’re not gonna.  Just don’t listen on work speakers.

The Fic in Question:  The Road to Shambala (author: Astolat)

4 responses to “Expounded Universe Special Edition – The Road to Sham-Bone-La

  1. My proposal for a Supernatural slash fic: It’s set in an alternate universe where Sam and Dean aren’t brothers, but are unrelated gay porn stars who are supposed to be shooting one of those step-brother porn pieces that keep getting posted to PornHub. The main conflict comes from the fact that both of them are actually kind of weirded out by the incest angle and it’s messing up both of their ability to perform. They’ve got to find a way to work together and convincingly bone each other or they’re not going to get paid and Sam needs that money to pay off his student loans and Dean needs it buy trucks and steaks.

  2. Initially when I saw the topic of the episode and who was on it I was expecting it to just be awkward hilarity the entire time. Still a very funny episode but I appreciate how the two of you had a lot to say about the topic of fan fiction in general with some very solid insight and handling of adult topics, especially the discussion of consent in fan fiction and the problem of ascribing male/female cultural gender identity roles to top/bottom positioning. Also, love to see Claire back and the dynamic of the two hosts was strong this episode.

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