System Mastery 204 – Engel

Engel S

Well hey, surprise OGL!  Nothing on the cover, and so when Jon selected this old Sword & Sorcery product to take home and started reading, he was suddenly (after 190 some pages of fluff) shocked to see that 3.x material.  So what is this?  Well it’s the far future and you play as Latin-speaking angel children who fight giant bugs.  OR DO YOU?


3 responses to “System Mastery 204 – Engel

  1. “Engel” just means “angel”, and “Himmel” is just “heaven”.

    I have the feeling these terms weren’t translated on purpose in order to have fancier proper nouns to throw around.

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  3. if huge amounts of humanity died off and technology regressed youd think tons of forest would have a chance to regrow and sequester carbon again and re-cool the planet, but maybe the giant fire tornados are counterbalancing that somewhat

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