System Mastery 201 – Terror Network

I think we bought this one on the cover alone (and especially the back cover, which is bullet points and a photo of the Twin Towers mid-fall).  I mean, look at that!  Look at the endorsement!  But can it deliver?

Announcement Mastery!

Today is a great day to launch a KS, and a better day for you to go support one!  Go check out Extreme Meatpunks Forever, a hot new RPG written by cool people and produced by cool people too.  Fight Nazis on a meat planet while riding your meat mecha!  Oh, and here’s a link:  Extreme Meatpunks Forever on Kickstarter



3 responses to “System Mastery 201 – Terror Network

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  2. Al-Qaedios! Mmm-mm! It’s the cereal that’ll make you… and I can’t keep doing this bit.

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