System Mastery 200 – Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game


Hey, we made it to 200 episodes!  I’m sure that’s some sort of milestone!  And while the choice of game to cover this time may feel kind of arbitary, I can assure you it’s very special to us here at the show.  You’ll find out why and learn all about TSR’s attempt to encapsulate the Marvel experience way back in the mid-80s on today’s show!  Enjoy.



2 responses to “System Mastery 200 – Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game

  1. I was wondering what you guys had in store for the 200th episode. Good to see the elusive pilot being reborn.

    Those who haven’t been dissuaded by the TSR-ness of the game can find a lot of fan resources on the net. One of my favorite is “Ben Riely’s Marvel RPG Page”, which is basically an up-to-date bestiary of the Marvel Universe (and a few others). You wanna have a more recent version of Spider-Man? This site has like all variations of him. All of them.

    There are also a ton of fan editions and retroclones out there. One of my favorite is simply titled “Faserip”, made by the same person who did the Rules Cyclopedia retroclone Dark Dungeons.
    It’s technically not a true retroclone, but it does fix some of the issues of old FASERIP: Origins no longer have a mechanical impact on character generation; instead everyone decides on a “campaign rank”, which determines starting power ranks and everyone’s baseline ability ranks (which are then modified with a few rolls). It also gets around the old issue of Karma being both an in-game booster as well as EXP by requiring the players to spend Karma in order to turn it into EXP (kinda, it’s tracked by Ability/Power).
    If you want to stray even further from MSH, the same guy also made “Masks”, which is essentially Faserip again, except the action resolution has been replaced with Fudge dice.

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