System Mastery 199 – Stuperpowers

Heck yeah, comedy superhero parody game from 1997 coming in hot.  You know it’s gonna make us mad, it’s just got to!  Anyway, this game is designed to be LARP-ready, dice light, and aggressively, consistently middle of the road.  Just painfully.  In more ways than one.  You’ll see.

Announcement Mastery:

It Came From The Sea Podcast

Host Sarah uses her degree in oceanography and lifelong love of the sea and all things nautical as she drags her friends along on her journey to share this aquatic enthusiasm with the world at large. New episodes of It Came From the Sea drop every other week and bonus episodes are available at all tiers on our patreon. You can find a link to the patreon and all the latest podcast news at


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One response to “System Mastery 199 – Stuperpowers

  1. Jesus fucking christ that was real rough. I’ve seen some of the *real* bad parts of the 90s but fuck I have never seen it *this* fucking bad. I’m pretty sure that “uncle tom variant” thing aged me a year from sheer exasperation alone. I thought these non-politically correct douchebags were a 2010s thing but no, they go back all the way, fucking christ.

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