Expounded Universe 167 – Iram So Far Away

Is it me or do these fights get less interesting over time instead of more?  We started with like a Yuuzhan Vong and a monster Wampa and now we’re fighting a Weequay and his shoulder bird?  If I wanna get into fights with shoulder bird guys I’ll just go to any street festival and fight recumbent bike guys until the mid-boss spawns, thanks.  Also Smight survived.

One response to “Expounded Universe 167 – Iram So Far Away

  1. “Was this read phonetically by people who had never seen words before?”

    Surprisingly yes! The weird cadence of a lot of the voice acting in those old Charlie Brown specials was because they got actual kids, many of whom were too young to read, to do most of the voice acting and a lot of them had to be fed their lines phonetically.

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