System Mastery 195 – Lords of Creation

Who wants to take over the multiverse?  Okay, great!  Let’s start you out as a nobody with nothing and you can grind XP in… I don’t care, let’s say mythological Ancient Greece for a thousand sessions.  It’s one of those 80s games!  Just like old times.  Literally old times.

Announcement Mastery:
Comics, Games, and Things: Comics, Games, and Things is an online hobby store that carries model kits, paints, miniatures games, and rpg books, and a large variety of 3d printable files.  Find them online at
They’re probably doing another giveaway!?  Check and we’ll probably be giving away a 3d printed army for use in Miniatures Agnostic Sci-fi Games. Or the other one. You know the one. That one.  One entry per person, no purchase necessary, valid in the US for persons 18 years of age or older. Maybe buy something too? Please?


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