2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Ready Player One (2018)

  1. Aitch isn’t trans in the RPO book. She’s a cis lesbian that uses a white male avatar because she didn’t think people would respect her as a black woman. It’s kind of a weird nod to issues of race with the heinously racist Japanese characters that talk in weaboo English.

    There is a genderfluid/enby person in the sequel book, and that is handled horribly.

  2. The book didn’t use Ultraman instead of Gundam, but Leopardon, the giant robot from the Japanese Spiderman tokusatsu show (because what is more 80’s than a show from the late 70’s that American audiences probably didn’t find out about until the rise of the internet?).
    Even then, the original Gundam is a weird choice considering that even the Nu Gundam is a Mobile Suit from the 80’s.

    And I have no doubt that the book itself is much more insufferable. The main gimmick is basically that Ernest Cline can only describe stuff in the form of references, which gets very old very fast. And that’s not even going into sections where he’ll just list stuff from the 80’s as if he put the appendix in the middle of the book.
    And even without this annoying gimmick, his writing style is just bad. It’s shallow and simplistic, with constat repetition. I’ve seen creepypastas with better craftsmanship.

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