System Mastery 191 – Boot Hill

Boot Hill is a colloquial term from the cowboy days for a cemetery.  You might think there’s some sort of metaphor their for our opinions pertaining to the game, but really I just wanted to say it before anyone on twitter felt like telling us.  Boom, shut down!  This is a 1990 cowboy game from TSR.  It is exactly that.

One response to “System Mastery 191 – Boot Hill

  1. “So once again: what makes for good intrigue in a tabletop game?

    There must be many diverse agendas and moving parts to navigate. Players should know they should step carefully and never be certain how well they’re succeeding. They must feel the consequences of failure, but also that these fates are fair and not arbitrary.

    For all of these considerations—to my earnest surprise—Boot Hill proved an ideal system.”

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