System Mastery 190 – Interstitial – Our Hearts Intertwined

Have you not gotten your fill of Kingdom Hearts yet?  Of course not, no one has.  Not until someone bursts Nomura like a pinata and eats all the ideas that come spilling forth will anyone be satiated.  But in the meantime, why not check out this game definitely not modeled after it at all (for legal purposes).  It’s also our first foray into talking about PBTA (now you know why the episode is almost two hours long)!

This week’s Announcement Masteries

  • Would you like to learn all about musical artists that have and still are making strong statements in politics and the LGBT community?  Check out This Review Kills Fascists, a youtube show conveniently located at!

One response to “System Mastery 190 – Interstitial – Our Hearts Intertwined

  1. As it happens, I stumbled on the actual play-pod of the creators of this game (I liked it), and one of them played literal Chris Angel, so that’ll be why he gets name dropped.

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