System Mastery 189 – New Gods of Mankind

Now here’s some good old fashioned back to basics shit.  Got to be, right?  Name like that?  Shirtless axe dude on the cover?  Well, color us surprised because this thing is basically the top down part of Actraiser as an RPG.  Neat ideas abound, but can it get to the desired double “would play?”

This week’s Announcement Masteries

  • Julian Kay (Alien Rope Burn): Blogs, columns, and roleplaying games par excellence!  Check out their excellent work and especially support that Patreon!
  • UnPlaytested Podcast and Stream:  Unplaytested is the show about games that have never been played before… because they never EXISTED before! On every episode of the Unplaytested podcast, Alex and Lara will roll a random result off a big list of your ludicrous suggestions for RPGs, and spend an hour figuring out how to actually turn that into a playable game.  They stream the resulting games too!

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