System Mastery 188 – Star Crossed

Oh my, a game about the uncertain moments at the precipice of romance or disaster?  Neat!  Star Crossed is a 2018 game by Alex Roberts that creates tension and titillation through the use of some sort of well-recognized wooden brick tower.  It’s not out of print or anything!  We’re trying something relatively new here.

This week’s Announcement Masteries

  • Sail!: SAIL! is a new roleplaying game by Cas Swanson. SAIL! let’s players take on the role of dashing swashbucklers as they sail the high seas and fight an evil Empire.
  • SuperIdols! RPG:  Welcome to the world of SuperIdols! RPG, where superpowers exist but only among the musically-inclined — especially those with dreams of pop star fame and glory. Join GM ErynCerise and a table of queer, gender-diverse players as they play teen idols aiming to master their powers, find their identities as artists, and make a name for themselves.

One response to “System Mastery 188 – Star Crossed

  1. This is easily my favourite game of all time. It’s not normally my type of RPG, but no game has proven this weird, immersive and memorable. A few scenarios my fiancé and I have played:

    -> A narcoleptic who’s condition would worsen the longer she spent around the (literal) lady of her dreams. This ended in tragedy, as her love compelled her to escape permanently into dreams and thus fall into a coma.
    -> A clumsy knight ‘chosen’ by his hometown to slay a dragon, only for her to fake both their deaths so they can fly into the sunset with the promise of adventure.
    -> A fledgling god who fell in love with his first sacrifice. Entranced by the young man, he chose to love for a moment and flicker out like a candle rather than devour his companion and live eternally.

    At least one of these /almost/ ended without the tower falling, but tensions were so high my fiancé ended up backhanding the whole tower off the table. Highly recommended that everyone plays this at least once!

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