System Mastery 187 – Marvel Universe Roleplaying

Out of the four Marvel RPGs that have happened over the years, this is one of them.  Specifically, the 2003 diceless one made, inexplicably, by Marvel Comics themselves?  Anyhow, it’s certainly got us talking a great deal, so you know that’s always good.

This week’s Announcement Masteries

  • Inspiration Point: A fun and friendly podcast about RPG design and gameplay, table attitudes, friendship, and more.  Check out their show today or their brand new Patreon!
  • BOLT RPG:  BOLT is a fast and tense action RPG built for hacking!  Check it out now, it’s available for pre-order on Metal Weave Games for 35 USD or 10 USD!

3 responses to “System Mastery 187 – Marvel Universe Roleplaying

  1. Star Wars “Saga” is not the same as Marvel/Dragonlance “SAGA.” The Star Wars game was not card-based, AFAIK. -Pedantic Lad

  2. In non-pedantic comment news, two of my friends and I did try to play this game when it was new. It made no sense, no matter how hard we tried. We felt that we had actually gotten closer to playing the “DC Overpower” card game correctly than we had gotten to playing this RPG the right way. Or, maybe we were playing it the right way, and it was just a very bad game :)

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