Horrortoberfest ’20 Day 17 – 0.0mhz (2019)


The brief description of this movie led me to believe that it would be about using brain waves at a certain frequency (0.0mhz) in order to see/hear ghosts. Instead of that, it was mostly a very by-the-numbers movie where a group of young people go fuck around where they shouldn’t and start dying. I was really hoping they would lean a little more into the premise since it’s Tech Week and all.

The 0.0mhz club is a ghost hunter group on a college campus that is named so because when you’re brain waves reach that frequency it is the point where your soul can meet the spirits or something. Having heard about a haunted house out in the middle of the woods; they set about to do an experiment to see if they can find ghosts and, hoo boy, is it successful. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, though, it doesn’t want back in and it is a fight to see if they can get rid of the haunting spirit before it kills them all.

The set-up here is classic horror. There are 5 members of the group where 2 are a couple, 1 is a comic relief, the other two are more “virginal” but like each other. There is a guy at the gas station before they get to the house that warns them not to go there. It is all extremely paint-by-numbers until the actual haunting starts. Where a more traditional, American horror film would have had them get picked off one at a time with a final girl remaining; this movie goes for a much slower burn with less focus on the murder aspect and more on the exorcism of the spirit. This is because the one major twist on the formula is that one of the girls can see dead people and comes from a family of shaman.

While some jump scares exist, the film tries to focus more on scary imagery and tension. Because the ghost doesn’t just appear right away and start engineering the deaths of 20-somethings, there is more time spent building up the fact that they know there is a problem but they don’t really know what to do. While I think it is an interesting way to present things, it also means that the movie tends to drag a bit in the middle as the characters tend to be milling around before they really realize what’s going on. The movie also carries on the proud tradition of long, black hair ghosts using their hair as a weapon.

While I’m still sad that we didn’t get more interesting tech involvement, given the title and all, I think it was a fairly decent watch. Definitely not the best Korean horror has to offer and not different enough to make it stand out, it is still watchable with some spooky moments.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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