System Mastery 184 – Men In Black

Oh no, are your pumpkins ablaze?  Have you written out your list of mischief targets exclusively for the eyes of Ol’ Weeny?  Well, get ready, because this October, it’s all new, all different IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU WEEEEEEEEEEN adventures.  We’re doing alien games.  Pretty simple.  And we’re starting with this one.  This licensed one from the 90s.  You know what’s about to happen.


One response to “System Mastery 184 – Men In Black

  1. In one of the GURPS Discworld books (and I don’t know if it was the one you two reviewed or the the other one), it talked about humor and the Discworld books, and it pointed out that, while the Discworld books are funny, the characters aren’t themselves, conscious of it. In other words, they’re in situations where they have serious goals (Solve a crime, stop a war, lift a curse, get home, etc) and they’re serious about accomplishing those goals It points out to the GM, if you just put your characters in wacky situations for the sake of comedy without any stakes, it’s generally just bad storytelling, and it sounds like this game suffers from that.

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