Itras By – System Mastery 182


Check out this wild game!  No, literally, go check it out!  This is a wild read of improv-driven story focused diceless gaming set in a surrealism-infused Norwegian dream city in the 1920s.  It’s neat!  Come on by for a rare System Mastery win.


3 responses to “Itras By – System Mastery 182

  1. It’s hard to be sure weight seeing the book but those streets are probably pronounced “A and not A” with the – being a logic symbol rather than a minus sign. I’m guessing this because in symbolic logic if you assume both A and not A are true, you can reach any and all other possible conclusions without making any additional errors, which sounds related to the game’s surrealist tone in general and that intersection’s total breakdown of reality in particular.

  2. Raising Canes wants to replace their employees with machines and their CEO would rather do that than pay staff a living wage. Also their chicken is flavorless trash.

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