Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 1st Edition – System Mastery 181

Small but vicious dog, right?  You remember that?  It’s that joke that’s in here?  Anyhow hi there, how ya doin’?  Wanna talk about a 1989 game that seems like it mysteriously sat unread on a shelf since 1977?  WHFRP 1st edition can do that!


4 responses to “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 1st Edition – System Mastery 181

  1. In Blood Bowl the Halflings are pretty much worse than most everyone else too. Though they have their own perks. Generally they’re designed to played when a coach wants a challenge.

  2. It is a least consistent with all of Warhammer Fantasy that Halflings are garbage. On tabletop they’re a joke, in lore they’re useless, and even in Blood Bowl, the only thing that really features them anymore, they’re intentionally one of the absolute worst teams. Hell the only real strategy with them is to hire a couple of treemen to pick up your Halfling players and throw them into the other team, in the hopes that maybe you don’t only maim the Halfling.

  3. Come on guys! You couldn’t be arsed to see that WFRP 3rd ed was FFG? By designer Jay Little? Who had nothing at all to do with WFRP 1st. It is a very different beast than 1st ed in every mechanical way.

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