Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfillment – System Mastery 179

Okay, guess break time’s over!  This book is enormous, weird, and in a lot of ways, misguided.  The world has collapsed, humanity has fallen, and the Wraeththu have risen in their place.  And what are the Wraeththu?  Androgynous hermaphroditic semi-vampiric aruna-having yaoi people, duh.


2 responses to “Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfillment – System Mastery 179

  1. So hey, question. I hope you see this but… Do you have a copy of this? I was doing some diving and realized, oh my god. This game does not seem to be on the internet. It had an extremely limited print run, (5k books) and I can’t find it for sale anywhere.

    It’s also a legendary RPG almost all RPG nerds have heard of, but its threatened to vanish from existence. Do you know if there’s a PDF version anywhere? Or possibly able to scan the document itself?

    I know weird request, but like, this thing is threatened to vanish and is definitely in line to become one of those lost RPGs, which seems depressing considering its prominence and historical legend. Especially when things like RaHoWa won’t disappear from existence.

  2. That image of the kid with the “I abuse Linux” T-shirt is so fucking weird to see in a book like this at all, let alone one from back in like 2005 when like maybe Debian, Slackware, or Red Hat were your best options for using it and even then it was the 2000s and it was only starting to maybe kinda not completely suck to use Linux lmao

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