Smallville – System Mastery 173

It was about time we discussed the Cortex engine, and what better way to have a discussion than driving 45 minutes to a Kansas farm so I can say one sentence about how I’m upset and then drive away again to reset before I do it two more times next episode?  Smallville is a game all about building out a whole season of genre soap television, and also keeping Clark from flying.


2 responses to “Smallville – System Mastery 173

  1. Guiding Light was the one with the Marvel connection, she showed up in an X-men event comic. it was just as bad as you think it would be.

  2. Okay, I’m ABSOLUTELY going to play this. Also, if you think that Lex and Lana aren’t exactly the kind of dramatic, petty people who would drive 45 minutes to yell at Clark to his face, you need to rewatch Smallville.

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