DragonRaid – System Mastery 170

Someone tweeted about this, someone else linked it to us, and now we’ve reviewed it.  The DragonRaid Adventure Learning System:  A Roleplaying Game for Courageous Christians.  It’s probably safest to just link to the review now.  Happy quarantine!


2 responses to “DragonRaid – System Mastery 170

  1. So I feel like what really cements just how bad some of the design decisions of this game are is the fact that, while listening to this episode, I immediately thought of a better solution to justifying combat without the weird solution of making entire species of sapient beings not count as people in the eyes of god: Just have the evil dragons send out little demon-y guys that can get into people who aren’t saved or whatever and make them act all sinful and turn them into monsters, and the player characters have to banish the demons by hitting the people they’ve possessed with magic weapons that don’t actually hurt people. Then you don’t even need to worry about. You could even make it so the weapons don’t even kill the demon-y guys, they just banish them back from whence they came or whatever.

    I bring this up not because I think this is a groundbreaking solution, but because it’s a solution I’m surprised the creators didn’t think of before the mess of nonsense they came up with…

  2. Uh I have some doubts that the born-again authors of this RPG system would think very highly of someone reciting the whole of the book of Maccabees.

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