Timeship – System Mastery 168

Timelord!  Would you like to play an RPG as yourself and then, you know, get rewarded for showing up to the table with weapons and German soldier uniforms and stuff?  Well here you go!  Timeship is a mad game from the early 80s where yeah, there’s not much in the way of stats, because you’re playing as yourself!  What do you do as yourself?  Well, you head to the end of time to solve the murder of Count Dracula, then… wander around Gomorrah, just, you know, gettin’ involved.


5 responses to “Timeship – System Mastery 168

  1. Timeship can be found as a classic reprint from Precis Intermedia (along with other stuff like Shatterzone) if you are still looking for a print version. Love your work, keep it up!

  2. Okay, but having to solve Dracula’s murder while he’s right there pestering you about it is AMAZING and I’m absolutely stealing that.

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