Supplement Spectacular 2! – System Mastery 167

A fun side effect of doing what we do is that listeners send us stuff.  All the time.  We have just tons of books.  Jef’s room is basically two used RPG bookstores with a hidden bed in it.  And we don’t just get core books.  Heaps of fascinating supplements arrive from time to time as well, like so many Garfield phones washing up on the beaches of England.  We occasionally (very occasionally) do pileup reviews of these things, and here’s one of those times.  Books covered:  Giant Psychic Insects from Outer Space, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, various After the Bomb supplements.


One response to “Supplement Spectacular 2! – System Mastery 167

  1. Just so you know, “aborigines” is an offensive term to use for Indigenous Australians. You kinda just wanna go with Indigenous Australians.

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