Star Thugs – System Mastery 162

Time for some sci-fi!  This game takes all the futuristic space convention you love and just DUMPS on it, haha yeah rad, fuck Star Trek!  Anyhow come along won’t you?  On a journey that starts as a surprisingly innovative CCG-inspired spaceship combat simulator and somehow ends on some deeply misinformed understandings of cross-dressing and gender play?  That doesn’t sound right!

4 responses to “Star Thugs – System Mastery 162

  1. “The church from 40k, but stupid”, is a statement I am incapable of parsing.
    Imagine if someone said to you “It’s like water, but wet”, and that’s where I am right now.

  2. There isn’t much point is saying anything along the lines of “40K but stupid” cause 40K is stupid as is. 40K lore is still a lot more fun than what I’m hearing with this fuckin’ game.

  3. I was blown away the other day I saw Haven: City of Violence and StarT hugs at the local 1/2 price books!!

  4. How about Richard Snider’s heartbreaker “Powers & Perils”? We actually had fun playing that for a short while despite its confusion and complete lack of balance.

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