Quest of the Ancients – System Mastery 161

Have you missed the good old fashioned heartbreaker game paradigm?  Well fret no longer friend, because this one has it all!  Elves! Dwarves!  Saracens for some reason!  This reprint of a game published in 1982 might just be the best sword and sorcery product of the 90s (according to the back cover) but we’ll find out, won’t we.  (the cover image is a cow from the island that this game’s sole continent shares a name with, Islay).

2 responses to “Quest of the Ancients – System Mastery 161

  1. In fairness, gamers in 1982 were a lot more likely to have a d30 than nowadays (most of the Old Guard I know had a set of Zocchi dice…)

  2. Very entertaining review. However, all grognards know that d20 and d30 can be quickly emulated with a d10 and a d6 (1-3 = 0, 4-6 = 10). Because the old TSR d20s were made of soft plastic which soon became illegible thus necessitating such a method.

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