Horrortoberfest 2019 – Day 20 – The Midnight Matinee (2017)


This is going to conclude anthology week and I could not be happier. The premise of the movie being that all these are being showed at a movie theater isn’t terrible but the execution is kind of awful. They overlay that grainy dots and lines filter thing that is supposed to make stuff look like it’s on a movie screen. Unfortunately, this filter also makes everything washed out, so the already camcorder level video ends up being low quality and just hard to see. Also, the audio on all of these is atrocious. Like, bad enough that a couple times it was actually painful to listen to on headphones.

Open Sea: The first movie takes a found footage approach with everything being a guy wanting to document a fishing trip because he is going to propose to his girlfriend. This makes the shitty quality at least be a part of the story instead of just it being low budget. The main jumps in the water, she follows suit with the waterproof camera but can’t find him. Then we get a shot of a shark coming toward her from the murky water. It’s short, effective, has one scare that it delivers and does it decently enough. I just felt bad because they took their dog on the trip and now he’s stuck on the boat.

Let Go: A guy is recently single and gets an email saying that he can sign up to a dating site called Let Go for free. He does so and then he begins to die because his profile is getting click on no instead of yes. Turns out his ex is using the real Let Go site which is, I guess, some kind of magic murder company that kills your ex for you? The whole thing feels so goddamn random and just generically bad.

Premonition: A woman finds a tape while going through her mother’s estate that says she needs to watch it. Turns out her sister that died before she was born also had psychic dreams. The video is her being interviewed and then saying she had a dream that her sister was in the house and a man with no face was in their too. It’s a good creepy idea but you see the masked intruder go to stab her before the “Maggie, look out! He’s in the house!” said directly into the camera occurs. The other way around and this would have been a very good short even if it was, as these all are, garbage quality video and sound.

Frances: The movie randomly decides to take a break from horror so we can watch a cokehead get swindled by someone pretending to be blind. He’s some Russian mafia guy that’s supposed to be giving a blind woman named Frances a diamond and when someone shows up matching the description, he indeed gives her the diamond. Turns out she steals all the diamonds when he goes to get her coffee. Then the real Frances shows up after she leaves. Which…what? How did she know that a blind woman was going to come to this place at this time and she knows that the real Frances is blind from a disorder and not an accident. So many questions for such a stupid short film.

Night Night: In this movie, a kid is afraid of clowns. He has a dream about one. Then he sees one outside. Then he sees one right at his window. Then it is lying next to him in bed. Simple premise marred by the fact that so much of this is filming outside at night and between the darkness, the low quality video, and the “old timey movie overlay”; you can’t see half of what they are trying to scare you with. Nothing inspired story-wise but scary clown being bogged down by budget and bad choices is just sad to see.

Score: 1.5 out of 5. God bless them, they’re trying even if the acting is stilted and everything looks and sounds like it was shot through a plastic bag. There were at least a couple good ideas and this was less than an hour long so I’m giving it a point just for not making me sit through more of this.

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