Horrortoberfest 2019 – Day 11 – The Curse of the Witch’s Doll


We’re finally done with The Doll series and moving on to other creepy doll movies. I was afraid that after the reviews from the past couple days that maybe I was getting too lenient on the movies. Thankfully, this came along to remind me just how incredibly stupid and poorly made one of these movies can be for comparison. I don’t think I can even talk about the movie without everything being spoilers since it relies so heavily on stupid twist nonsense but I don’t recommend anyone else watch it so whatever.

Spoilers: Our movie follows Adeline and her daughter Chloe as they movie out from Kent, England in 1942 during the bombings so that they can get someone safe. Or, at least, that’s what the first movie is about but I’ll get into more of that later. Turns out they’re moving into a big old manor house that has sat unused by the owner who just wants to help. Turns out that the place is haunted by a witch that put her soul into a doll. When Chloe goes missing, Adeline starts to unravel the clues that there is a witch that has her daughter. Or so she thinks because in reality it turns out that the witch is actually her and she’s in a mental institute and her daughter died in one of those bombings. What a twist! That comes maybe half way through the movie.

The acting is pretty much atrocious for the beginning of the film with the manor owner being the only one that seems to have a slight amount of talent. This makes it almost a relief when the asylum twist happens and the focus shifts away from Adeline, who is actually named Mary, and over to her Doctor which she imagined was the manor owner. It honestly feels like they were going to make just the first part of this movie, realized that it only had like a 45 minutes run time and then added in a ton of mental institute to pad. Now we have to follow the doctor as he decides that he’s going to give Mary a lobotomy because she has relapsed into her fantasy world but another doctor wants to continue treatment. Turns out the first doctor keeps giving people lobotomies because they believed that there was a haunted doll and oh shit it turns out the creepy witch doll is real and not just part of the delusion.

In order to, I guess keep the secret of the doll he doesn’t believe in, Mary;’s doctor kills the other doctor and hides his body. When a police officer comes around to question him we find out it’s a week later and he’s already lobotomized Mary and we never see her again. He manages to throw the officer off the scent but then he gets confronted by another patient that has seen the doll and then he sees the doll and it slowly moves its head. Cut to 75 years later and now we have yet another movie but this time it’s an amateur YouTube ghost hunter and his girlfriend that are going to the now abandoned asylum because there were all these stories of ghosts that came from there. Turns out the doll is still there and it somehow kills the guy before turning creepily towards the girl. Note that all of this and the previous asylum stuff drags on, overstaying the welcome that any twist like that has.

Score: 1 out of 5. Not only is the acting stilted, the writing bad, and the sound quality amateurish; the whole movie feels like it doesn’t know what it wants to do or be and is distinctly lacking in atmosphere, scares, or things to be interested in.

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