Space Master – System Mastery 157

Well, we had to take a look at a Role Master game eventually, and this one chose us.  This 1985 RPG is deeply, deeply mathy, and features a fantastic story with … oh no wait it’s Space Rome and a corrupt mega-Catholic star church again.

4 responses to “Space Master – System Mastery 157

  1. The black/white guys from ST:OS had their planet destroyed in a mutually destructive war. They went down to fight in the ruins at the end of the episode. The dialogue also suggested the planet was out of the way but it could have been around in Discovery’s time. Bear in mind though that their tech was way more advanced than the federation’s. Though with discovery’s ship doing kung fu flips in space, doesn’t seem that way- haven’t seen more than a clip or two on youtube.

    Had something else to say but I forgot :P

  2. If you’re going to resurrect a previous name of Istanbul for your space empire, how do you NOT go with Byzantium?

  3. You know, the idea of an ultra detailed star system creation system is honestly kind of an interesting as an educational tool made as a system agnostic, standalone book but this game seems to have been so lame it made that idea suck

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