Amethyst Foundations – System Mastery 153

Did you know there were licensed RPGs using the 4th edition D&D engine?  Well here’s one now!  It has lots of fancy elves, a bunch of tech-based classes, and so much worldbuilding!  Enjoy!

4 responses to “Amethyst Foundations – System Mastery 153

  1. Please do Ultramodern 4 next! Its from the same author as Amethyst, made for 4e, but is way bigger and more refined. Me and my friends did a campaign with it and it was a great system!

  2. i think warlocks could exist easy i mean youve got these sky castle elves who dont want to be adventurers i think they would exactly be the kind of people to meddle with affairs below by lending magic power to other types of people

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