Snarfquest D20 – System Mastery 152

Sometimes we get a book and we aren’t sure the exact percentage of RPG that’s going to be in there, so we end up reviewing like, a show synopsis or a treatise on life, and this is one of those times.  Snarfquest is a comic strip that ran in Dragon Magazine in the early 80s, and here is a D20 version of it for you to hear about.

3 responses to “Snarfquest D20 – System Mastery 152

  1. It originally ran from 1983-1989, and Elmore rereleased the strips in a collection in 2000-2001 so it kind of makes sense that the RPG came out in 2002

  2. It’s not that I’m down with all things Snarf. It’s just… a d20 version of Snarfquest? WHY, for the love of the gods?!

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