Cyborg Commando – System Mastery 144

So a decade or so after D&D, Gary Gygax had a brand new idea.  What if cyborgs with dustbuster crotches defended the world from giant bugs made of erectile tissue?  Also what if there were a spectacular amount of boring graphs in there?  The result… was history.

4 responses to “Cyborg Commando – System Mastery 144

  1. The shonen anime where the hero powers up by seeing boobs exists. It’s called High School DxD and is actually kind of amazing.

  2. i know your deal is old rpgs and youre not likely to run out soon, but ive been playing dark heresy 2e with some ppl lately and im sure it would be a hoot to see you rip into em. not just the cheesy atmosphere, but also certain questionable mechanics design choices that im sure you would spot

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