Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – System Mastery 143

With Jef still recovering in the hospital, Jon turns to fan-favorite guest Claire to join in and help review this RPG based on a comic book. It promises two things up front and delivers on none of it. Booo.

6 responses to “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – System Mastery 143

  1. I feel like you were over-selling the horror factor of square roots. You shouldn’t need a calculator, if you only need the answer to the nearest integer.

  2. Gatekeeping is dumb, but the reason it happens is that people are afraid of being exploited, not “to impress” them.

  3. The fact that you didn’t even consider THAC0 might have an ah sound like armor (and neither did I until just now, and no one I’ve talked to says it that way) has interesting implications for the gif argument.

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