Unknown Armies (2nd edition) – System Mastery 142

You want true power and to really know the truth?  You have to really really want it in Greg Stolze’s Unknown Armies, a game of obsession, power, and the power of themes.

9 responses to “Unknown Armies (2nd edition) – System Mastery 142

  1. This is my favorite game, and I’m pretty sure I was the one who mailed y’all this.

    A few notes:
    1st and 2nd edition were written jointly by Greg Stolze and John Tynes (the latter has been out of the rpg industry until recently).
    1st edition was publish in 1997 and the 2nd edition was published in 2002.

    • Lol, fun timing in a podcast where they talked about how unexciting the idea of making a FATE character is.

  2. Probably my favorite detail of UA 2e is the arc of a party from ground-level to cosmic-level. You start as the most dysfunctional Scooby Doo crew dealing with weirdo cults who make great claims to power that don’t seem to pay off, move up to digging in to actual power, and then you hit cosmic level and now you are the weirdo cult and what the hell are these dysfunctional Scooby Doo nerds doing nipping at your heels why they must be the pawns of one of your opponents or maybe – oh you son of a bitch SAINT-GERMAIN!

  3. Good episode guys; as a native of Old England I particularly appreciated the British accents bit; John, your Liverpudlian was great (although you sidetracked into Birmingham a little) and also the Scottish. In fact, I would like to hear you do a whole episode with the Scottish voice. It is good to know that when our Sceptred Isle finally disappears beneath the calamitous waves of Brexit, like Atlantis of old, or fabled Lyonesse, some corner of John’s mouth will be forever England.

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