Leystorm: The Dominion – System Mastery 140

In a grim future where everyone is lopsided and has dreads, can a few awful chumps win a mighty rebellion against Darth Emperor of Mankind?  This mid-90s science fantasy game answers your questions and more!  Questions like “What the hell is this?”  and “Ainsley?”

3 responses to “Leystorm: The Dominion – System Mastery 140

  1. Honestly, it doesn’t sound terrible. You could probably make a decent game of it, if the GM didn’t ask for repetitive skill checks, and everyone started with 10-20 more skill points.

  2. The writer of this thing needed to brush up on probability.

    D6 has an average roll of 3.5.
    D6+1 is 4.5.
    D8 is 4.5.

    Their rolling scheme fails.

  3. As a Brit, I am so bloody infuriated right now. Like wow, I shall complain to the Queen Mom immediately.

    Wankers. <3

    Great episode though, the game sounds like it was at least started with good intentions, which is an improvement over some of the tripe you've had to deal with.

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